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By riders, for riders

We wanted to create the ski movie night of our dreams. The one we would want to stand on stage and present. Somewhere with the time and the vibe to connect about our shared affinity for winter. A place to meet old and new mountain buddies. A place to plan the winter ahead. And have a beer of course. Maybe and after party if we all feel like it.


We wanted to reduce the emissions of touring, after a summer of record breaking temperatures. By how we move, by ditching all the trinkety bells and whistles, and by planning a route that makes sense geographically. No zig-zagging Europe four times in a single week. We estimate our emissions with Levi, our emissions consultant, then we work systematically to reduce them, and compensate the remainder.


We wanted to contribute to the culture we live in - the culture that sustains us. So that to be included in the Scandinavian Super Tour would mean the filmmakers would get an actual boost in their budgets to produce more and better movies next winter - and we do it by sharing the profits equally between all the films on the program.


We want a ticket to Super Tour to be a guarantee of a good evening, and a direct contribution to more ski culture.

/the super tour team

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