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A quartet of what we believe will be the autumn's

finest Scandinavian films about winter.



After newschool lost its spark sometime around 2010, Swedish The Bunch have set the standard for modern skiing, with their new wave approach both on the snow and on the big screen. The past decade they have won everything from SuperUnknown to X-Games to Movie Of The Year - at the ski film festival in Annecy, where both the riding and cinematograpy was in a class of its own.

The gang spent the last winter producing a drone short film together with the young pilot Luke Bredar, directed by Jens Nilsson. Utilizing tools like FPV drone to create an Organic art piece that maintains the Essence of The Bunch but transformed into a new dimension. An edgier unapologetic take on the drone extreme sport film with emphasis on aesthetics, flow and mood.


Pär Hägglund

Emil Granbom

Evelina Nilsson

Magnus Granér

Piper Kunst

Tristen Lilly

Alex Hackel


AndersVest_Julbo_Topside-50 (1)_edited.jpg


Revenge Of The Topside Boys

From NRK to American and French ski film giants, via Arabic CNN, and not the least on his own YouTube channel, Nikolai has made a career out of sharing his adventures in the white mountains of winter. At times with his life on the line, but more often in the good company of snowboarder Krister Kopala and cinematographer Joonas Mattila.

This film is the story of going back to the dream zone, where the gang narrowly escaped a huge avalanche two years ago. An attempt to approach the mountain the way it demands, and get revenge.


Krister Kopala

Joonas Mattila

Nikolai Schirmer

Anders Vestergaard

Run time: 27 min


Walk The Walk

Jacob Wester is a superstar as they only existed when three films were released per year and goggles sat firmly under the helmet. In recent years, however, he has replaced the helicopter with a cozy van, and the icy X-Games big air with gnarly descents in Norwegian mountains. 


The Super Tour team has personally witnessed the year's wildest 360 off a cliff, and now you can too, in Walk The Walk, an ode to the human powered skiing, produced by the other inhabitant of thatcozy van, Sofia Wester Sjöberg. With guest performances from an all-star list of Norwegian freeriders they've crossed paths with through a winter on the road.


Jacob Wester

Trygg Lindkjølen

Emil Leendeerts

Lovisa Rosengren

Evelina Nilsson

Ebba Forsgren




Headspace, The Journey Of Hedvig Wessel

No one has redefined the sport of skiing quite the way Hedvig has done during her last three years on the Freeride World Tour. Huge backflips to icy landings, aggressive riding in technical terrain, and always a smile on her face in the finish area (even when the summit of that podium miraculously slips away three years in a row).

In Headspace, the audience gets to tag along on the journey from mogul skier to the pinnacle of organized freeride skiing, and onwards, as Hedvig leaves it all in favor of adventures in wild mountains.


Through the eyes and voices of sport experts, psychologists, and important individuals in Hedvig’s career, we’ll try to understand Hedvig’s headspace throughout her life as an Olympic athlete. Showing what fear, set- backs, injuries, and sacrifices really looks like. Headspace will seek to understand the difference between success and mastery, and how to keep the fire burning inside when it feels like the world is falling apart.  


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